Florida TSA Program

Is Your TSA Sales Rep Experienced?

Some sales reps talk about how many years they've been in the business and imply that they are therefore experienced, but is it true experience, or is it just one year of experience multiplied over again doing the same things except attending more salesmanship classes. If they have taken the time to do advanced studies, advanced certifications, or advanced degrees, then they have true experience. Some will list in their bio. a tap dance about obtaining a college degree saying efforts to obtain a degree and hours put in to obtain a degree, but they won't mention the school or university, and eventually they imply that they have that degree . In one particular case they misspelled the name of the degree. Others will talk about how many years experience they have or as a group they'll say combined experience, but have they applied it so they know how to be able to best help you and guide you financially? The MEANINGFUL experience of the associates at Financial Dignity is greater than all of the other representatives of all of the other approved TSA companies combined.