Florida TSA Program

TSA Vendor List - Osceola County Public Schools

Authorized Vendors for 403(b)/403(b)(7) Accounts

AIG Retirement (formerly VALIC) 1-800-369-0314
American Century Investments 1-800-345-3533
Ameriprise Financial 1-800-862-7919
AXA Equitable/Equitable Insurance Company 1-800-369-5303
Fidelity Investments 1-800-343-0860
Great American Life Insurance Co. 1-888-497-8556
Horace Mann Co. 1-800-999-1030
ING Retirement Plans 1-800-584-6001
Life Insurance Co. of the Southwest 1-800-579-2878
Lincoln Investment Planning, Inc 1-800-242-1421
Lincoln National Life Ins. Co. 1-800-893-7168
MetLife 1-800-560-5001
Oppenheimer Funds 1-800-525-7040
Pacific Life 1-800-722-2333
Plan Member Services 1-800-874-6910
Security Benefit Group 1-800-888-2461
The Legend Group 1-888-883-6710
Waddell & Reed 1-888-923-3355

This represents companies that have executed an Information Sharing Agreement (ISA) with this employer.